Tim's Sports page:

Favorite Sports:

Basketball: The sport I like to play the best. I'm a good outside shooter, with some effective post moves. I feature a traditional hookshot and the up-and-under move in the post. I've got legitimate 3-point range and am a 65%-70% foul shooter

Football: On offense, I'm a tight-end. I catch passes decently--better at running side to side routes (across the field) as opposed to going vertical. On defense, I'm more like a linebacker type. I must ask, of course, where all my speed went (or you could ask my gut what the problem is. ^_- ).

Baseball/Softball: Switch-hitting 3rd baseman. Ichiro-like abilities from the left side (that means I slap the ball and run for it!). Although I prefer 3rd base, I can and will play every position except for 1st base. I don't like 1st base.

Favorite Teams:

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers

NFL: San Francisco 49ers

MLB: Oakland Athletics

NHL: Detroit Red Wings